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Our group

Produce Investments plc is a leading operator in the fresh potato and daffodil sectors.

We have operations throughout the UK in seed production, growing and packing and serve a number of market sectors including retail, food service, wholesale and trading.

Outside of the UK our ethylene storage and ripening business, Restrain continues to grow.

Our strategy

Our strategy is to significantly grow the scale and profitability of the group, increasing earnings per share and enhancing total shareholder return.

This will be achieved by:

  • Acquiring quality businesses that offer synergies, product diversification and / or customer diversification
  • Funding the organic growth strategies of the groups subsidiary companies

Our locations

Our business is geographically spread throughout the UK and Europe.

Invest in us

Reasons to invest in Produce Investments

We are a diverse business with a solid core at its foundation and we continue to seek acquisition opportunities offering good returns and exciting growth prospects. The core business supplies fresh products 364 days of the year, into a defensive category with high levels of customer penetration.

Our responsibilities

As a group, we take the subject of corporate responsibility very seriously and are proud of the way we demonstrate our commitment to the environment, our people and the community.

We are also extremely proud of the way in which we operate as a business. As a leading player in the fresh potato sector Produce Investments believes it has a responsibility to help shape the way in which the industry operates, continually challenging convention and looking for technological advances that can help the industry become more efficient, thus reducing our collective environmental impact.