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Greenvale AP

Greenvale AP is a unique vertically integrated potato business which comprises, fresh potato growing, and fresh potato storage, packing, distribution and marketing.

Greenvale’s success is built on strong, collaborative relationships with our many partners from our extensive customer base right back down the supply chain to growers, seed breeders and suppliers, as well as research organisations. And as a company, Greenvale aims to be market leaders through linking outstanding consumer insight, sustainable procurement, technical innovation and operational efficiency to provide our many customers with good quality products at great value.

Greenvale Seed

Located in the major seed potato growing area of the UK at Burrelton, near Perth in Scotland; we produce high quality Scottish and English seed to cater for every customer’s requirement.

We are unique in having our very own dedicated seed sales team which has a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to the growing, storing and marketing of seed crops. Our thriving seed potato business retails over 36,000 tonnes each year to both UK and overseas potato growers.